Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Throwing Parties

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell
Ever since my husband and I moved into our fabulous house, we love to throw parties. The house just has such a great setup for parties and we can’t resist throwing one whenever there is a reason. We have a pool in the backyard that is perfect for daytime parties and barbeques. We also have a lot of open space in the house that is great for cocktail parties, and even a dance floor with a DJ. We usually enjoy all of our parties, but we had some trouble at the last one. The ex-boyfriend of one of my good friends showed up uninvited, and started a fight with her. When we kicked him out he threatened to come back, and we were worried. We went to and set up a home alarm system right away. So far we haven’t had any problems but we’re nervous about what this guy s capable of. He really went off the deep end when my friend broke up with him. We feel much better now that we have the house armed, but we really do hope he gets some help for his issues.

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