Friday, February 3, 2012

Flaxseed Lemonade

One of my Aunts used to drink a cup of flaxseed tea every morning.  She would boil a few whole seeds for minute and then pour it into a cup.  Once it cooled enough, she'd drink it straight, seeds and all.  I never acquired a taste for it.  The water thickens up to the consistency of egg whites.  I ran across this vintage recipe from an early 1900's cookbook and it brought back memories of my Aunt standing at the stove making her tea.  By adding honey, and a little lemon, it made a delicious hot drink.
Flaxseed Lemonade
—Pour one quart of boiling water over four tablespoonfuls of whole flaxseed, and steep three hours covered. Then sweeten to taste, and add the juice of two lemons, using a little more water if the liquid seems too thick to be palatable. This beverage is very soothing to the irritated membranes in cases of severe cold.


Sunflower Sue said...

That is something I am going to try!

By the way I have an award for you on my blog. Please go to to collect it.

jjsnana said...

Can you tell me if you remember the name of the cookbook.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! The recipe came from:
The Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-Day Cookery. It can be found on the website If you've never been to that site, there are lots of awesome cookbooks from the past. Try searching under cookery books or recipes. Happy Searching!