Sunday, February 12, 2012

Buttercup Memories

Every time I see Buttercups, I think of Mom.  I can’t say they were her favorite flower, but they definitely ranked near the top of the list.  You probably know them as daffodils or jonquils, but we always called them Buttercups in the hollow.
One year, near a favorite fishing spot, Mom and I found Buttercups blooming in a ravine along the side of the road.  We didn’t have anything to use for a vase, but wanted to pick a bouquet.  We finally used one of Daddy’s rubber boots that he kept in the truck.  I can still see that boot stuffed and overflowing with those beautiful yellow flowers.  And, I can still hear our laughter.  You would have thought we had stumbled across a pot of gold.  We came back later that year and dug up a few bulbs.  They still bloom in my yard today.
Have you ever noticed that Buttercups bloom in some of the most unusual places?  Every Spring, Buttercups will bloom and give a silent tribute to the past.  They show us where families used to live.  You’ll find them near an abandoned farm house, in vacant lots, fields and along the side of the road for no apparent reason.  Someone, long ago, planted bulbs and they multiplied over the years.  Do you ever think about the person that planted them?  Ever wonder what their life was like?  They carved out a living on a littlie piece of land and while doing so took the time to plant flowers for no reason other than the joy they bring.  Years later, when no one remembers their name, a stranger comes along and enjoys the view or perhaps picks a bouquet.  The joy spreads.  Lives are touched and made all the better for it.
How will you spread joy today?


Sunflower Sue said...

Amen to that!

Mary said...

What a lovely remembrance. I am new to all of your blogs and really have enjoyed exploring them. You've created some wonderful places to visit and I enjoyed the time I spent exploring them. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary