Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grandmother's Fruit Cake

I think there are two types of people - the ones that love fruit cake and the ones that hate fruit cake.  Lately though, there is a third group that like to make fun of fruit cakes.  I have to admit that I've never really liked them.  But, I ran across this vintage recipe and found the ingredients interesting.  Thought I'd share it - let me know if you try it....

Place in a mixing bowl
One cup of sugar,
One cup of syrup,
Three-quarters cup of shortening,
Two eggs.
Cream until light and then add
Three tablespoons of cocoa,
One tablespoon of cinnamon,
One teaspoon of nutmeg,
One teaspoon of allspice,
One-half teaspoon of cloves,
Three-quarters cup of black coffee,
Four cups of sifted flour,
Three tablespoons of baking powder,
Two cups of seeded raisins,
One cup of finely chopped nuts,
One-half cup of finely chopped citron,
One-half cup of finely dried apricots,
One-half cup of finely chopped stoned prunes.
Mix thoroughly, then grease the pan and line with three thicknesses of paper. Grease and flour the paper. Pour in the cake mixture and make smooth on top. Bake one and one-quarter hours in a slow oven. Set the baking pan in another one and add one cup of boiling water to the pan in which the cake pan is set.
This amount will make four and one-half pounds of cake, and it may be divided into two pans if so desired.
When the cake is cool, remove from the paper and spread with a good jam or preserve. Set in an air-tight can to blend. When ready to use, wipe the cake with a damp cloth and spread with chocolate or white icing.