Saturday, September 10, 2011

People Watching

Back in the day, Mom and I took a lot of road trips visiting relatives.  She always said that you could tell a diner had good coffee if there were a lot of semi-trucks outside.  That's probably still true today, but I have another way to tell.  If there are a lot people in nursing scrubs, it's a sure way to tell there's some good food and coffee to be found.  I was at a little coffee shop near the hospital the other day and was really surprised at how many workers were coming in and out wearing hospital uniforms.

Do you like to 'people watch'?  It's fun if you have the time to kill.  As I watched everyone come and go, I noticed how many different kinds of uniforms they were wearing.  It made me wonder where to buy medical scrubs.  Since the coffee shop had free wi-fi, it was pretty easy to find and check out the latest styles.  Don't you just love shopping on the internet?  I could have driven all over town trying to find out where to buy scrubs that looked that cute.  Instead, I found them in a few seconds of searching online. 

What's your favorite way to shop?

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