Sunday, August 21, 2011

….from a tiny little seed

Back in February I started some heirloom tomato seeds in  old yogurt cups.  I carefully watched them grow throughout the remainder of the winter until it was time to transplant them outside.  I set out 3 plants in pots and only one plant produced tomatoes.  And, finally, one grew big enough to pick.  It seemed to take forever for it to ripen.  Was it worth the wait?  Yes and no.  Yes, because it’s great to eat something you’ve actually grown yourself. And, nothing beats the flavor of something homegrown.  No, because it took forever and I don’t want to wait until August for a fresh tomato.  So, next year, I vow an earlier start if the weather cooperates. 
What did you grow this year?


KathyM said...

Beautiful tomato!! I found out this year too that these things you try to grow are like your babies and you want them all to live. I've grown tomatoes, squash, corn, cantaloupes, watermelon, blue pumpkin and snake gourds. Oh, and a few bell and cayenne peppers.

But the blue pumpkin brought the four horsemen of the apocalypse into my garden!! (squash bugs is what they are called and they carry bacterial disease.) They are said to cause almost certain death to the plants they invade so next year when I try again I will use a companion plant (petunias or nasturtium)to keep the bugs away.

Love your blogs. Love you too. Kat

Sunflower Sue said...

It is a real accomplishment when you say you grew it from seed. I never have luck unless I buy the plants. I have learned alot this year as I do every year. So next year for me should be better.