Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rug Beaters

During this last snow storm, I heard on the news that it was our 7th major storm of the season! But, this week our temperatures are expected to be in the 60's and hardly a cloud in the sky. It's no wonder that my thoughts turn to spring cleaning. Of course, my second thought is the need for carpet rug & upholstery cleaning austin.Do you remember rug beaters? Back in the day before wall-to-wall carpeting became the norm, huge area rugs occupied most rooms. You didn't have to worry about carpet stretching cost austin, but you did have to worry about cleaning the rug. Our living room rug was so big and heavy, it took four of us to carry it outside for cleaning. We'd throw it over the clothes line and literally beat the dirt out of it. It was definitely a method of cheap rug cleaning austin back in the day before professional companies. The hardwood floor underneath would be swept and cleaned before the newly beaten rug returned only slightly lighter than before.

When I groan with the thought of spring cleaning and all it means, I remember the days of rug beaters. It doesn't make me look forward to spring cleaning, but it definitely makes me thankful those days are gone.

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