Monday, February 14, 2011

Guest Blogger - No Reservations, One of TV's best

No Reservations, One of TV's best

Thanks to Roman May

Anthony Bordain's No Reservations is without a doubt the best travel show on television from Whenever I sit down to watch television I check the satellite to see when his show will air. The entire show is built around the premise of getting off the beaten path and seeing how everyday people live their lives in the countries he visits. Anthony is never afraid to take the road less traveled, try local cuisine, or engage in local activities; in f act he seeks out such opportunities. He also isn't afraid to tell it like it is, if he doesn't like the food or people, he will let you know about it.

In a recent episode, Anthony traveled to Greece and despite some misgivings he had about making the trip was pleasantly surprised by Greek hospitality, cuisine and culture. At one stop, he found himself participating in the preparation of the meal, which consisted of slaughtering a sheep, consuming large amounts of alcohol, shooting firearms, and dancing. Anthony's dry humor and commentary provide a comedic yet insightful view into the places he visits along the road less traveled.

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