Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bridge Too Far?

You've often heard me talk about the benefits of country living, but there are some drawbacks too.  I had to laugh recently when a 'Bridge Out' sign was placed on a nearby road.  I don't think it's a good sign that the county decided to place a permanent sign that says Bridge Out.  I take that as a 'sign' we'll be using the detour route for a while yet to come.  Yes, it's a little wooden bridge and it does have a hole in the center where part of the plank gave way.  I've just been driving around the hole.  I guess someone didn't and caused more damage.  Can it really take so long to replace a bridge in this day and age?  It's been well over a month now already. 

As a child, I can remember several wooden bridge in the area.  One bridge crossed a pretty large creek.  When I was about six years old, the hole in the bridge had widened to three feet across.  Our school bus driver was afraid to cross the bridge with all of us on the bus.  So, twice a day, we'd all get off the bus and walk across the bridge.  Then, our brave bus driver would cross while we all watched wondering if she would fall into the creek below.  It seems like we did this for a couple of months before the county finally started replacing the bridge.  I can't help but remember that now and compare the two bridges.  

Lots of things have happened over the last few decades in the name of progress.  But, it seems that the more we strive to change, the more things stay the same. 

I thought you would enjoy this vintage recipe - especially the name!


One cup navy beans; four slices bacon; one No. 2 can of tomatoes; one small onion; one level tablespoonful salt; one-fourth tablespoonful black pepper. Soak navy beans over night, in morning put beans on to boil with a pinch of soda in water. When they come to a boil, pour off this water, return to stove, cover with clear water, add onion and bacon, let boil until tender. When tender strain through sieve, being sure to press all through, as far as possible. Next add the strained tomatoes and seasoning and lastly, thin with cream or milk to consistency desired.

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