Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter in the Hollow

Can you believe it's almost Easter already?  Where has the time gone?  We've had such warm weather in the hollow that everything has bloomed early.  Still, it's hard to believe that we're ready to start coloring Easter Eggs again. I remember the year in the hollow that we couldn't find any Easter Eggs.  Mom got so frustrated and started searching all her hiding spots herself and couldn't find them either.  She finally realized our family dog, Candy, had followed behind her that morning and gobbled up the eggs.  The next year, Mom hid the eggs much higher!
Do you remember Easter Baskets you received as a child?  I still love making them and including some homemade goodies.  When you can't be there in person though,, is a perfect solution.  They have the traditional Easter Baskets along with a wonderful selection for the rest of the family.  I love the idea of the fruit basket for older relatives.  It's a great way to let them know how much you're thinking of them at this special time of year. 
Brought to you by your friends at  Happy Easter!

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