Monday, April 30, 2012

Cabbage Salad?

Have you noticed how dishes are called by different names in other areas of the country?  One reason is the influence of our diverse heritage.  But, those dishes were also called by other names in days gone by.  Take cabbage salad for instance.  Ever heard of it?  This comes from a 1910 cookbook and it's the same recipe we've used in the hollow for years.  We just call it slaw!

Cabbage salad is possible at all seasons of the year, and should be one of the first that the child should learn to make. Insist on getting small, perfect heads, and have the leaves removed one at a time, examined closely and washed as carefully as lettuce, for fear of worms. After chopping finely, the desired quantity is to be seasoned with salt and pepper and served on the small, tender white leaves, with the following dressing:


To half a cup of thick sour cream, add half a teaspoonful of salt, a teaspoonful of sugar, a dash of black pepper, and two teaspoonsful of strong vinegar.

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