Friday, July 2, 2010

Taking a Step Back

 Paducah Mural river bank indians (2)

Summer is definitely the time for travel.  Most of our trips out of the hollow involved visiting relatives rather than tourist destinations.  Whether you are headed ‘down home’ or to the beach, you learn a lot about small towns along the way.  Paducah is, and always will be, a river town.  It’s hard to escape the mark made by the Ohio River in this town’s history.  Even if you could, the giant wall keeping downtown safe is a constant reminder of what was and what could be again.  Ravaged by floods in the past, the citizens of Paducah built a wall along the river as it winds through downtown. 

Paducah Wall

The wall stands waiting for the next deluge and it’s duty to protect Paducah from rising water.

Paducah wall close up

Driving through it gives you a sense of Jurassic Park.  But, in this instance, the raging monster is the Ohio River.

Paducah Street near Wall

The streets of downtown travel along the wall protected from the River.  Driving through it brings you right to the edge of the river, a waterside park and up close views of river traffic.


The wall itself is decorated with murals that depict Paducah’s rich history.  Each mural is different.  Some are so realistic that you feel like you could step right into the scene and become part of history itself.

Paducah Mural river bank

This one depicts scenes from one of the great floods in the 1930’s that devastated the town.

Paducah Mural floods

This one depicts clippings from the town newspaper.  They are so realistic that it seems as if you are looking at a scrapbook.

Paducah Mural newspaper up close

Take a step back and you can tell it’s part of the wall.


Paducah has taken the time to revitalized its downtown.  Its flat streets make for an easy walking tour of the area.  Museums and shops are plentiful.  It’s a downtown definitely worth visiting again.  A driving tour of the area also lets you enjoy the rich history as seen in the many historic houses along tree lined streets.  Every once in a while something different pops up that reminds you of the past.

Texaco Star

When it does, you appreciate a town that has taken the time to preserve its history.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  To learn more about Paducah, visit


Anonymous said...

WOW, great pictures, I felt like I was there. Nan

Angie said...

Wow! While browsing through various foodie blogs I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw pictures of my hometown, Paducah Kentucky! Although I drive past the floodwall at least once or twice a week, it is nice to see that others have the same appreciation for them as I do! Thanks again for sharing! :)