Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring in the Hollow

It was 80 degrees one day and snowing the next, but I think Spring is actually coming! Here are some of my first Spring flowers. Of course, the Buttercups have been blooming for a while now. I have some near the edge of the woods that usually start coming up by the end of January, but they bloomed the last week of February this year. Do you ever notice how often you see Buttercups (daffodils) in odd locations? You know someone planted them for a reason. Usually it's a sure way to spot where a house 'used' to be located. If you ever drive thru Land Between the Lakes, it's easy to spot where houses used to be before the government came in and moved people out of their homes. Just look for the flowers. It's a little sad, but also a little bit of history. Someone lived there and loved the land long enough to plant flowers that reach out to our generation today.
Here's a picture of the tree in my friend Susan's yard. Since she's a few hours south of me, it looks like Spring is already there!

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like you had some of the same weather last week that we did --while in Arkansas, Marge. We had 80's the first couple of days and then came the storms and then the ICE. They had a terrible Ice Storm on the mountain---the 2nd one this year. SO much damage from downed trees and limbs. SAD!!!

We did have a good time and there was alot of water in the waterfalls since it rained so much. BUT--we're glad to be home.

We came home to a greener yard and some crocus blooms and a few daffodils in bloom. Spring is REALLY coming! Yeah!!!!

Hope you had a good week.