Saturday, December 6, 2008

BellaAnne's First Christmas

This is BellaAnne, but you can call her Bella. She may be pint-sized, but she is a whole lotta puppy! She found her 'forever' home with Susan. This pup may not know it now, but she just won the lottery in great owners. She is about to be spoiled rotten! Since she's only a few weeks old, this will be her first Christmas. It looks like she's ready to open her presents now. I can think of several good reasons not to adopt a puppy, but honestly, who could resist this face?
When you are thinking about Christmas gifts this year, consider a trip to your local animal shelter. You just might find a Bella of your very own. If you already have your share of pets or allergies, consider a donation of food, money or time. You'll soon find your heart growing a few sizes this Christmas Season. Just tell 'em Bella sent you.

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