Sunday, May 22, 2011

They're Back!!!

Little red eyes and enough noise to drive you crazy...cicadas are back! This is the 13-year swarm in Tennessee. And, boy are they loud! I can even hear the roar above the air conditioner. I know some areas are not as loud as not everyone is surrounded by trees. This one posed for a long time on the porch.

Different types of cicadas actually swarm every year, but the big swarms occur with the 17 year and 13 year cicadas. Want to know more about them? Check out Cicadas bring back the buzz or Cicadas.


Sunflower Sue said...

For the most part they do not bother me. But mid-day they make so much noise, it is hard to think.

Sunflower Sue said...

Well, as time has gone on... Attitude adjustment, I hate cicadas!! They should be gone soon, they got a late start but normally they go away by the end of May. THANK GOD!!