Sunday, December 19, 2010

Traveling Dentists

I made a much overdue visit to my dentist's office the other day. It's amazing the things that go through my mind while my teeth are being cleaned. I was thinking about Christmas and all the things I have left to do before Dec 25th - mentally making lists and checking them twice! I have no dental phobias and usually have no real problems. Given the fact that seeing someone in dental scrubs would send Mom into a panic, I wonder why I didn't develop the same problem with dental uniforms.

Visits to the dentist were not something we could afford back in the hollow. In fact, my first visit was at sixteen! And, it was to a 'traveling dentist' that did not maintain a regular office in town. Even so, it wasn't a bad experience. Though, I was determined to hang on to my wisdom teeth for as long as possible. The experience of having two removed on one side definitely had me dragging my feet on the other two. As I grew older, I began to appreciate the importance of good dental care. These days we know that gum issues can lead to visits with someone in nursing uniforms. And, none of us want that! They always ask me if I floss. I always say 'yes' just last night. I think if we all took care of our teeth as if we were visiting the dentist tomorrow, we'd have fewer issues. So, tonight while your checking your list, add flossing to it!

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