Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How high’s the water Daddy?

Saline Creek May 2010 Flood

There’s something to be said for living on a hill during a thousand year flood event.  Here’s a picture of a beautiful field near the Hollow.  The water beyond the pond is actually overflow from Barkley Lake spilling into a normally dry field.

Saline Creek May 2010 Swift Field

A narrow strip of land separates a swollen creek from overflow from Lake Barkley.

Spring St DoverView of Cumberland River backwater at Spring Street in Dover.

Dover Landing rising Cumberland

Cumberland River at Dover Landing.

Cumberland River Dover

Cumberland River at Dover bridge.

Lake Barkley bottom land

How high’s the water Daddy?  Six feet high and rising!  This is a view of bottom land near the Hollow.  This has about six feet of back water from Lake Barkley flooding the woods near the road.  The lake is expected to rise another four feet over the next couple of days as the Cumberland River continues to flood.


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