Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labels, Labels Everywhere

I sat down today to pay a stack of bills. I also had about two weeks of junk mail to open. Normally, I don't let it pile up so much. Over the last couple of years I have noticed an increased amount of solicitations from various charities. I don't mind that, but I have to wonder about one thing. Why do they all insist on sending me 'free' address labels? In this pile of mail, I had three different sets of labels, two sets of note pads, a full-size calender, a pocket calendar, and a dream catcher. I would rather they keep the stuff and use the money elsewhere. I mean, really, I will never have to buy labels or address an envelope again. Ever! It's too bad that I don't send out much snail mail anymore. All those labels would come in handy!

Okay, now that my little label rant is over, there is one worthy charity I want to mention to you. Meals on Wheels provides home-delivered meals to the needy and senior citizens. Often times, this is the only hot meal the person has each day. Some chapters even help out with cat or dog food realizing that some of their cases were sharing their meals with their pet. Check out their website and consider donating time or money to this worthy cause. You can donate nationally, or search for the local chapter in your area. Every day someone falls through the cracks of red tape for assistance programs. Giving to Meals on Wheels, and charities like it, help fill in those cracks. And, in all the years that I've been donating to Meals on Wheels, they've never sent me address labels.

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