Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you keep all your eggs in one basket?

I love eggs. Eggs do not love me. When I eat them alone, I have about a 50/50 chance of getting sick. When I'm craving a fried egg sandwich, that 50/50 chance is worth it. Or, at least it is until the nausea sets in for a few hours. Strangely enough, eggs do not bother me if they are baked in something healthy, like cookies or cake. So, I'll buy a dozen eggs to make something sweet and end up with about 10 eggs left over just waiting in the refrigerator for another inspiration. They look good. They look pretty. The egg carton even has a nice little expiration date on it. But, how old are those eggs? How long have they been sitting in the store? How much longer will they last? It's actually pretty easy to tell a fresh egg from one that is several weeks old. Here's a little trick you can try the next time you bring home a dozen eggs.
Fill a large bowl with cold water. You want enough water to cover the eggs with at least three inches of water. Place one egg in the bottom of the bowl. If it lays on its side or bobs slightly, it's only a few days old. If it stands up with the small end at the bottom of the bowl, the egg is about two or three weeks old. And, if the egg is bad, it will float. Just remember this - good eggs sink - bad eggs float.
Follow this trick each time you bring home eggs so that you can use the older ones first. It also comes in handy for those of you that don't leave your eggs in the original carton. But, don't keep them in a basket - unless they're boiled!

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KathyM said...

I love your blog. The pic of sunset in the hollow is gorgeous. Your posts are very interesting too. Thanks!